Partner Model: All searches are managed by one of the Partners. We cap the number of searches a Partner executes in a year so as to ensure undivided time, focus and attention to a search.

Deep domain expertise: Over the years we have developed deep knowledge and understanding of the Development Sector and the Governance landscape in India, as well as a vast databank of pre-eminent Independent Directors and Advisors.

Specialists in CxO and Board Levels: Our expertise lie in recruiting CxO, Board and leadership positions for the social sector and we are a search firm driven by passion for the sector.

Sector specialization: With a team of 15, we are the largest and most experienced boutique cause connected executive search firm in India.

Unrivalled reach: We have developed an unparalleled candidate and client ecosystem both in India as well as globally. We are able to connect with and influence potential candidates who are not actively looking for a job. Our expertise extends to sourcing candidates from within the sector, as well as attracting and transitioning cross over candidates from private and public sector

High level of client engagement:
› TSP provides proactive, smart solutions customized for each client
› With each client, TSP develops a deep knowledge and understanding of their work and culture. This translates to a seamless representation to potential candidates
› Clients considered as confidants and equal partners in the process rather than service providers
› Close co-ordination with the client and transparency throughout the search process to ensure successful closure
› Search is most effective only when our experience helps optimize our clients’ time. Clients meet only the shortlisted candidates but have the opportunity to review a comprehensive analysis on all prospective candidates.